Innovative salmon breeding

Genetics & research

Multispecies benefits make salmon breeding more innovative

We at Hendrix Genetics, believe in the synergetic effects that come from having a portfolio of multispecies breeding programs. Besides critical mass in resources and infrastructure, being a multispecies company brings us cross-pollination effects in many areas. The key ones being R&D, geno- and phenotyping, management practices and even our own specialized breeding information technology. The results are evident for every breeding program we run. It ensures an acceleration of the speed of genetic progress for all individual species. 

Technology in breeding

We have accumulated the use of technology in breeding high quality salmon since the 1970's. Since our acquisition, Hendrix Genetics has added another level of R&D possibilities, also applicable to land based species.

The central R&D knowledge across species is optimally combined through the use and development of increasingly sophisticated analysis tools and equipment, genetic assessment, statistical analysis, modelling and pooled data from an ever-increasing number of facilities across the world. Bringing you the products right from the start. 

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Selection technologies, applied in other Hendrix Genetics’ species, are helping to generate accelerated genetic progress across the aquaculture industry.

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Robbert Blonk
R&D Director Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture

Realizing genetic potential of fish

We are collaborating with customers, nutrition and pharmaceutical companies at a multispecies level. Realizing the genetic potential of fish is of course a combination of multiple factors. Our aim is and always will be to provide innovative, sustainable genetic solutions that create value throughout the protein chain.