Hendrix Genetics

A Global Leader in Animal Genetics


Hendrix Genetics is a global, multi-species breeding company whose aim is to become the world’s best provider of sustainable genetic solutions for production of animal protein foods including fish, eggs and meat.
Hendrix Genetics work in pigs, turkeys, laying poultry – and now aquaculture, since selecting and buying Landcatch for its technical excellence and growth potential in 2011.
Our parent company already operates in 24 countries worldwide, with more than 2,500 employees whose work supports continuous development in breeding and rearing operations in more than 100 countries.
Its Research & Technology Centre develops ever-improving technologies within the Hendrix Genetics divisions, cooperates with partners and alliances, and provides a comprehensive science network and intellectual property management services.  
Geneticists are supported with automatic data entry, breeding programs in extensive on-line databases and centralised storage of DNA samples in the BioBank. This ensures reliable genetic selections and meaningful analysis including molecular breeding, a rapidly expanding area using DNA information to uncover the genetic value of animals.
In addition to Hendrix Genetics’s own internal projects and research, the company also executes many research and technology projects in close cooperation with universities and other academic institutions worldwide.

More information on Hendrix Genetics is available at www.hendrix-genetics.com